Keeping in mind the heritage value of our beautifully restored 19th century building our culinary team has devised a menu respecting the simplicity of yesteryear but incorporating modern cooking techniques whilst respecting the try nature of the ingredients used.

By following the technique of nose to tail cookery we respectfully handle all ingredients showcasing the value each has towards the dish it is being used in. Some call it modern “Australian” we call it respectful love.

Add a delicate touch of Asian influence and our menu comprises dishes that cover a wide range of delicacies that even the most discerning diner will still find a wonderful dish to indulge in.

For more casual dining we offer a light but crafty modern courtyard menu to be enjoyed in the recently renovated beer garden.

We also offer private function spaces where you can indulge in traditional “high tea” or set menus ranging from sit down dinners to stand up cocktail parties. Why wait? Pick up the phone and call us or check our Instagram page to see what delicacies we are preparing today.



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